Product Information


- Producing high quality grass-fed beef

- Providing carcase assessment feed-back to producers

Hereford Prime NZ aims to assist beef producers to supply the superior quality beef carcases which are demanded by the quality table beef market. By using the technology available within BREEDPLAN growth and carcase traits analysis and real-time Ultrasound scanning, coupled with progeny testing and full supplier feedback, Hereford Prime can identify the genetics and bloodlines of the animals which meet the criteria for quality beef, and feed this information to their suppliers.

Selection of Hereford Prime carcases begins with the targeting of animals of British breed origin which possess the dominant white face Hereford trait. This denotes the animals' propensity to fine grained, trace marbled low pH meat in which the Hereford breed excels and dominates in its British-Bred crosses. (One quarter Friesian is also acceptable for initial entry into the Magills Meats programme).

Animals can be steers or heifers, preferably grading P1 & 2, ideally in the 240-300 kg weight range and be of quiet temperament. In keeping with consumer awareness and NZ's clean green image, animals sourced for Hereford Prime must be free of hormonal growth promotants.

PROCESSING Guaranteeing consistently tender beef through chiller assessment and quality assurance procedures. Improving carcase efficiency through further processing and modern cuts before being branded as Hereford Prime. Carcases are assessed individually and must meet strict quality specifications. Assessment takes place 24 hours after slaughter in the chiller at Hereford Prime Registered plants by trained assessors, who must be approved by Hereford Prime NZ Ltd.

Carcases undergo Accelerated Conditioning and Aging (ACA) before packaging in Cryovac packs for minimum of 21 days shelf aging, ensuring minimal shrinkage whilst enhancing the natural tenderness of the product.

Suppliers receive a full feedback sheet enabling them to track their cattle through the quality meat process and make breeding decisions accordingly.

Hereford Prime's commitment to modern cuts allows more effective carcase use by extracting high quality new-generation cuts from under-utilised sub-primals. The company intends to undertake educational programmes in the meat processing industry to encourage wider use of the techniques involved in further processing of these cuts.

MARKETING Maintaining continuity of supply and customer satisfaction Hereford Prime N Z is dedicated to improving beef's share of the domestic market. Our production and processing expertise and quality assurance programmes mean we can meet the nutritional and eating satisfaction levels expected by today's chefs and quality conscious consumers. In meeting these standards we aim to bring beef up to the standard of presentation expected from and enjoyed by consumers of other meat products.

Hereford Prime NZ Ltd supplies chef-ready cuts of beef in the form of traditional primal cuts or new exciting sub-primal presentation. Hereford Prime is being supplied to the premium quality restaurant trade and via the Internet and speciality butchers to the domestic market.

Selected cuts of Hereford Prime have been analysed and endorsed by the NZ Heart Foundation's 'Pick the Tick' nutritional labeling programme, which verifies the beef 90% chemical lean, and endorse the product's value as an important part of a balanced diet. Hereford Prime beef can also be supplied 90% visual lean, which is more acceptable to a large consumer market.