HPid Tags

Tag brands left to right: Allflex, Zee Tags, Leader – shown sizes maxi female/large male.

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The NZHA has developed a Hereford Prime Identification tag (HPid) initiative. This is available now through the PBBNZ ear tag ordering service (service provider for the HPid tag). The tag initiative is not mandatory, however offers the user clear advantages in distinguishing registered animals suitable for the Hereford Prime programme - over the marketing of unregistered stock. Those animals qualifying for the programme are also eligible for Hereford Prime premiums.

The primary purpose of this tag initiative is to provide identification and traceability to potential Hereford Prime animals, whilst adhering to NAIT/AHB ear tag regulations.

All animals identified with a Hereford Prime (HPid) tag must be sired by a NZ Hereford registered bull (SIRE DETAILS TO BE PROVIDED). All cattle with Hereford Prime tags must be 50% Hereford of British beef breed origin.

The cost of the primary and secondary tag package for HPid tags is outlined on the order form above. Printing on the tags will be in bold black – Allflex (LaserPlus print) and Zeetags (Duramark print) and inexpensive printing Laser for Leader.

Note - the PRIMARY ear tag, EID ear tag is unaffected by the HPid tag concept – the HPid tag only pertains to the VISUAL ear tag.

To meet NZHA regulations, all animals must be double ear tagged (NAIT primary and visually tagged) with the year of birth and the private animal number. This must be present on the front face (female tag) tags in both ears.

All three tag brands are available, with manufacturers Allflex, Zee Tags and Leader all supporting the concept and pricing their tags accordingly, at prices competitive with rural supply outlets.

Hereford Prime Identification tag (HPid)

SECONDARY ear tag - Yellow only in colour (for maximum readability)

Female Tag includes: AHB number, HP logo, animal number and year code (optional)

Male Tag includes: HP logo, animal number (optional) and year code (optional)

- 3 size combinations (maxi/maxi, maxi/large, large/ large)

(From 1 July 2012 – a secondary tag does not require the AHB number – it becomes a VISUAL tag only and you may wish to just have the animal number and year code along with the HP logo).

To be NAIT compliant, your authorisation is required for the data collection of the HP tagged animals. At the time of ordering HP ear tags, a signature is required on the order form.

HerdMASTER4 -Innovative Herd Recording Software.

HerdMASTER4 is a comprehensive electronic recording and reporting system for both stud and commercial operations – offering full animal history and pedigree fields formatted to breed society requirements. Performance graphs and reports for animal production are a feature and the software is fully compliant and has a direct interface with NAIT.

Together HPid tags and HerdMASTER4 software potentially offers the user a comprehensive traceability option. HerdMASTER4 has full NZ support at the end of the phone line or email.