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Tim Divehall, left and Mike van der Hoeven from Magills have recently developed Magills Slow Cooked Pulled Hereford Prime Beef.

Magills Artisan Butchery in Te Awamutu have unveiled a new product featuring Hereford Prime beef.

Magills Slow Cooked Pulled Hereford Prime Beef is part of the new line of pulled meat products carefully crafted by the Magills team. The range also includes pulled pork and lamb.

The Slow Cooked Pulled Beef has been developed to provide customers with a convenient, flavoursome and versatile product that provides a healthy meal.

Pulled beef pack

The grass-fed Hereford Prime beef is cooked gently in a water bath with nothing but a dash of seasoning added.

Magills have worked hard to develop the pulled meats range keeping it as natural as possible. It has no additives or preservatives and is packed full of flavor with each variety containing a whopping 95% meat and just a dash of seasoning.

The pulled meats range offers versatility being suitable for use on pizzas, in buns or wraps, with pasta or simply enjoy it as it is.

It is quick and easy to prepare too – ideal for busy households who still crave a wholesome and nutritious meal without having to spend hours preparing it. Simply pop the Slow Cooked Pulled Hereford Prime Beef in the microwave for 5 minutes (from frozen) or boil for 10 minutes in water – no mess and no fuss.

Demand is already growing for the product with existing Magills clients already placing orders for the pulled meats range. The range is currently available from Magills retail store in Te Awamutu, along with Farro Fresh stores in Auckland and their goal is to make it available via a leading supermarket brand in the near future.

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