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ANZCO Foods Ltd and Hereford Prime have teamed up to develop specially marked cartons for the distribution of Hereford Prime beef on the domestic market.

The cartons (in two sizes) clearly highlight the product inside as Hereford Prime, which not only means the product has its own dedicated carton but it also makes the job easier for the Anzco and Westmeat team working in the chillers because the unique carton can be quickly and easily identified.

Together with ANZCO Foods Ltd and Westmeat their retail arm, Hereford Prime will now be featuring in corporate boxes at some Crusader rugby games.

Westmeat is a proud supporter of the Crusaders rugby team and will be offering Hereford Prime as a beef option in corporate boxes when beef is served this season.

So if you’re offered tickets in a Crusaders corporate box, grab them up and get along to enjoy some great rugby and beef!

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